About Us

The ABB is the trade organisation for the UK’s high street betting shops, which have been trading on the high street for over 50 years. As one of the UK’s leading leisure retail sectors, bookmakers serve over eight million customers, employ over 40,000 people and contribute over £3bn to the UK’s economy.

Our membership ranges from major national operators to single, family run businesses and collectively, we represent 80% of the sector. They include four out of the largest five operators: William Hill, Ladbrokes, Gala Coral and Paddy Power. ABB members work to the high standards of responsible gambling set out in our Code.

The ABB promotes and represents the industry to decision makers and in the media, and is responsible for making submissions to the Government or Gambling Commission on matters affecting shops. We keep our Members updated with industry developments, including through regular newsletters and weekly updates.

The Safe Bet Alliance, introduced in 2010, has helped make betting shops as safe and secure for staff and customers as possible. The initiative has won awards and been endorsed by the Association of Chief Police Offices as an example of an industry coming together with the police and other partners to tackle a problem.

We aim to help create and sustain conditions in which socially responsible betting shop operators can compete and prosper.

Our work includes:

  • Evidence based engagement with Government, the Gambling Commission, Local Authorities, politicians, journalists and other stakeholders to make sure regulation remains responsible, balanced and proportionate (e.g. protecting young people through age verification, helping problem gamblers through customer self-exclusion)
  • Engaging the UK Treasury to maintain a fair level of taxation for betting shop operators – this includes commissioning an annual econometric model of the UK betting industry
  • Running campaigns aimed at protecting our customers (the 2014 Enough is Enough petition to protect your local bookie was signed by one million staff and customers)
  • Helping to ensure that betting shops are safe and secure environments for customers and staff, such as by working with the police in the context of the ABB’s Safe Bet Alliance
  • Provide staff training and age verification tests free of charge to independent members
  • Helping to maintain integrity in sport by disseminating information to members about irregular or unusual betting patterns that might indicate corruption – the ABB is an associate member of ESSA
  • Providing practical advice and guidance to members as required which helps them deal more effectively with the Gambling Commission, their Local Authority, and other third parties

We rely on membership subscriptions of £100 per shop (for the first ten shops) to support the work we do.