About ABB Membership

Are you really in the know? Is your voice being heard? Are you getting the support you need?

Stay up to date with all the key issues affecting your industry, make sure your voice is heard and get support by joining the leading trade association for betting shops in Great Britain.

As an ABB member you can have your say and help ensure your views are represented to local and national government and the regulator.

What we will do for you:

Listening to and promoting your views

  • We represent the views of all bookmakers to national and local government
  • We hold the government and regulators to account for the burdens they place on business
  • We promote the reputation of the industry, by ensuring that others understand we are socially responsible
  • We defend you politically and run campaigns in the media free of charge


Advice and support

  • We provide advice and practical help on gambling regulatory matters e.g. template policies and procedures
  • We can provide staff training and age verification tests
  • From time to time we are all victims of bureaucracy and red tape and rather than fight on your own, we can add our weight to the argument or simply help you in practical ways (e.g. drafting letters or responding to officials)


Free of charge resources and materials

  • We provide self-exclusion forms, responsible gambling posters and leaflets to members
  • Our website (some parts restricted to members) and regular newsletter keep you posted on the latest developments which affect your business
  • In order to support our case on certain regulatory issues we commission advice and research e.g. reports on taxation

ABB Code for Responsible Gambling and Player Protection

The ABB is supporting its members in implementing the new Code for Responsible Gambling and Player Protection, effective since March 1st 2014.

The Code contains a series of harm minimisation measures designed to protect customers and help ensure all betting shops are operating to the highest standards of social responsibility.

The requirements set out in the Code are mandatory for ABB members and all members will get free of charge:

  • On or off-site training on all aspects of the Code, including on the new mandatory machine time and money limit pop-up messages
  • Up to date staff training manuals
  • Participation in our age-verification test purchasing programme
  • Responsible gambling information for display in shop and to provide to customers