How to join ABB as a member

The ABB is the UK’s leading trade association for betting shop operators. Our members collectively operate around 7,000 betting shops and 80% of the market.

Funded entirely by membership fees, the ABB works to create and sustain conditions in which socially responsible betting shop operators can compete and prosper. This includes:

  1. Campaigning for an affordable level of taxation. The ABB lobbies the UK Treasury for a tax regime that does not compromise the commercial viability of the UK betting industry and the livelihoods of the 40 000 people it employs. This includes commissioning and presenting the findings of an independent economic survey of the industry;
  2. Engaging with officials at the Department for Culture Media & Sport, Gambling Commission and Local Authorities to promote more sensible approaches to licensing and regulation. Topics include licensing requirements, customer age verification, self-exclusion and minimum standards of betting shop safety and security;
  3. Cooperating with our members and outside bodies (including the European Sports Security Association) to monitor and warn our members about suspicious betting patterns;
  4. Providing a valuable portfolio of services to ABB members. This includes free advice on dealing with the Gambling Commission and your Local Authority, Annual General Meeting and members’ lunch, and access to a purchasing programme offering significant discounts on betting shop essentials plus a wide selection of consumer goods and services.

How much does it cost?

ABB membership is corporate rather than individual, and costs just £100 per LBO per year.

Don’t leave it to others to bear the costs of safeguarding your livelihood.

For less than £2 per shop per week you can be a member of the ABB. We will keep you informed about key changes affecting your business. We will also help you cope with the new licensing regime – including advice and materials that will enable you to be compliant. We will also work to protect your interests.

How To Join Us

Simply fill in our online Membership form, complete and submit the form. Then send us a cheque for the appropriate amount to the address stated on the form.
Alternatively, download and print this Membership form, complete and sign it, then send it with a cheque for the appropriate amount to the address stated on the form.