ABB Responsible Gambling Code

Members of the ABB adhere to our Responsible Gambling Code, which sets out standards for UK betting shops.

Hailed as “world-leading” and developed with gambling experts and charities, the Code covers a range of measures, including giving gaming machine players the ability to set their own limits for the amount of money they spend or time they play for.

Responsible Gambling Code 2015

The ABB  formally evaluates the effectiveness of the code by the Responsible Gambling Committee, which will meet at least quarterly and review both compliance with the code and the detail of the code, making recommendations as necessary.

Implications of non-compliance:

The Code is mandatory for all ABB members and any member who wilfully fails to comply with the Code could face expulsion from the ABB. Any complaint against an ABB member for non-compliance with any aspect of the Code will be subject to review by the independently chaired Responsible Gambling Committee.

Submitting a complaint:

Any member of the public or any ABB member can submit a complaint relating to non-compliance with the Code.

Please submit your complaint in writing to the ABB at or 25 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 0PP.

All complaints will be acknowledged in writing within 72 hours.

All complaints and subsequent decisions will be published on the ABB website.

Complaints procedure

Adjudication on complaint lodged on 22nd June 2016: