Safe Bet Alliance (SBA)

Launched in 2010, the Safe Bet Alliance (SBA) has played a key role in making the UK’s betting shops safer for our staff and customers. Read the document here.

The guidelines within the document were developed in partnership with the Metropolitan Police, Crimestoppers, the Institute of Conflict Management and Community Union.

The initiative was recognised by winning a Home Office Tilley Award in 2011, in which the Home Office citation said the SBA had:

“significantly reduced armed robberies against bookmakers across the capital. A dedicated Metropolitan Police Service flying squad worked with major bookmakers to train-up staff in crime reduction and security measures. Over the course of a year, detection rates increased by 55 per cent and offences dropped by 46 per cent.”

In 2014, the Association of Chief Police Officers formally endorsed the Safe Bet Alliance, saying:

“The Safe Bet Alliance has proved to be not only an effective tool for reducing violent crime, but also a clear example of best practice for partnership working. The collaboration of police, bookmakers and other key stakeholders has led to an initiative that has stood the test of time.”

Latest police figures show the effectiveness of the guidelines as betting shops now have among the lowest levels of crime among high street retailers

The industry has been working closely with several police forces on tackling and reducing crimes, and bringing those who commit crimes against shop staff or customers to justice. Recent examples include campaigns with Police Scotland, Greater Manchester Police and Nottinghamshire Police.

The ABB also operates a reward scheme, which recognises members of the public who helped prevent a crime from taking place or provided information that led to a conviction.